A regular group takes place on Thursday evenings, for young people aged 15 to 25 who are involved in/ are at risk of being involved in offending and other risk taking behaviour. Staff recognised a need for diversionary activities and have developed an engaging programme. The young people who participate will then have opportunities to engage in informal workshops and training programmes, designed to encourage young people to make positive choices, build skills and challenge their harmful behaviours.

Activities have included: Screen Education Scotland Film Project – young people developed a range of skills including camera work, lighting and sound, editing and acting. This resulted in their own production screened at Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Towford Work Parties – Sessions are delivered at the Towford Outdoor Centre and young people get involved in a range of activities designed to improve employability prospects, particularly trade work such as painting, plumbing, forestry work, gardening as well as related health and safety procedures. The sense of pride in all that is achieved has provided a powerful means of relating this to how others must feel when their properties are vandalised.

Residential experiences – this develops skills such as team work and also gives young people a sense of the wider world and provides experiences that will make lasting, happy memories such as seeing the Northern Lights.

1:1 Support – all young people who attend the provision are given a regular, confidential space to meet with a worker and explore any issues or difficulties, identifying strategies for change.

Every few weeks we also take groups of young people out of the area at key offending times of 10pm – 3am, known as “Midnight and Beyond”.

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