Mo’s got sweets!

PYCP adminMaths & Numeracy

Using the information from the final statement in green, ‘162 green sweets, how many sweets did Mo start with?’ We know from the above that the final (target) amount of green sweets is 162, let’s give this a name… TotalGreenSweets Moving upwards to the next statement, ‘Mo buys himself 30 more green sweets’ We worked out from the step previously that the TotalGreenSweets = 162 at the END, this … Read More

First Person Narrative

PYCP adminEnglish & Literacy

What to do when your English teacher asks you to write a story using the first-person narrative.  Firstly, you’ve got to know what a first-person narrative is. When people write stories, they can either do this in the first, second or third person. First-person means that when they’re writing, they’re going to be saying ‘I’ a lot. For example, ‘This … Read More

How do I remember all the Planets in the Solar System?

PYCP adminSciences

Remembering all the planets in our Solar System can be really tricky. Especially because there are so many, and you have to remember them in order from the Sun. To make it easier, we can make a ‘mnemonic’ (putting things in a sentence to help us remember things better).  The mnemonic for remembering the order for the plants from the … Read More

Become a teacher

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Might sound a bit strange at first, but one way to help yourself understand the work you have to learn is to try and explain it to yourself, in your own words, as if you are the teacher. If you don’t want to do it on your own, you can also do it in a group or with a study … Read More

Pick a place and time

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Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study. Whether it’s your bedroom at night or the kitchen table, find a study space and a regular study time that works for you and stick with it. Set up your study space – Your study space should be quiet, comfortable and distraction-free. It should make you feel … Read More

Waldmurmeltier question

PYCP adminModern Languages

Q: What is the answer to the question below? Wie viel Holz könnte ein Waldmurmeltier einspannen? A: The scientific answer to this weighty question has been determined to be 700lbs Germany uses the metric system, and 700lbs is around 317.5kg, so the answer would be: Ein Waldmurmeltier kann dreihundertsiebzehn Punkt fünf Kilogramm Holz einspannen.

Sock puzzle

PYCP adminMaths & Numeracy

QuestionTen red socks and ten blue socks are all mixed up in a dresser drawer. The 20 socks are exactly alike except for their colour. The room is in pitch darkness and you want two matching socks. What is the smallest number of socks you must take out of the drawer in order to be certain that you have a … Read More