About Us

Pilton Youth and Children’s Project (PYCP) is based in Pilton in the North West locality of Edinburgh. Pilton is an area of multiple deprivation where many children, young people and their families face inequalities in areas such as income, health and education.

We are a registered Scottish Charity formed in 1997 and a company limited by guarantee, with roots going back to the early 1980s. Pilton Adventure Play Association was formed by local parents and community members and focused on safe play for children. Pilton Youth Programme was funded by Edinburgh City Council and was an intensive support programme for young people. The two organisations merged in 1997 to create PYCP as it is today; retaining the broad age range of 5 to 18 and the combination of open access youth and children’s activities, with more targeted support programmes.

We currently work with over 450 different children and young people, offering them opportunities for new experiences and support to any difficulties so that they can have the best chance of a successful future.  We strive to include all young people in our services, by consulting on activities, responding to individual needs and challenging discrimination.

PYCP is rooted in the local community and is committed to enabling each young person to realise their unique potential and to take a positive role in society.

Our Aims & Objectives

    Our overarching aims are to:

    • Promote social inclusion through supporting a positive start in the lives of children and young people, focusing on personal growth & development.
    • Create engaging, educational experiences that broaden horizons.
    • Ensure that our services are responsive to ever-changing needs and priorities

    Our Approach

      We follow the three guiding principles of youth work;

      • Young people choose to participate.
      • Our work must build from where young people are.
      • We recognise the young person and youth worker as partners in the learning process.

      Our policy framework


        To ensure that we are meeting the needs of young people and the wider community, as well as fulfilling the expectations of funders, we use a unique set of tools for supporting and measuring change when working with children and young people.