PYCP’s core programme involves ages 5 to 18. This means that we work with young people at various points of transition in their lives. For example, children moving from nursery into primary one, moving from primary to secondary school and moving from secondary school into employment, training, further education and even independent living. We recognise that these transitions can be easier and more successful if young people have the opportunity to discuss any concerns with youth workers and very importantly with each other. We therefore offer tailored group based programmes, for example our Forthview Primary transition programme.

PYCP can also help young people identify opportunities and make other transitions, such as progression routes into volunteering. For example, our “Get Involved Group” supports young people to find ways to get involved in and improve their local community.

Our “Life Transitions” team also support others in transition, for example adults looking to volunteer at PYCP and students from colleges and universities on placement at PYCP.

See “Our Clubs and Groups” for more info about our services or contact Alison for more information.